Super-cool and Eccentric Color Schemes for this Winter Season

he Chilly Season is here, where most of the time you love to spend at home, snuggled with warmness and sipping hot coffee. Winter is a refreshing season and to pep up your home in this cold weather, you can play around with colors. As colors help to revive your mood, you can also refresh your home with some unconventional color schemes. Enhance the beauty of your nest by integrating colors that complements the chilly atmosphere. Using only warm colors to give a cozy effect is passe concept; the trending winter decor style is to incorporate unusual color tones. Right from the warm hues to super cool tints, augment your home interiors with eccentric and never-before used colors.

So let’s roll the oddball colors and give an utterly exceptional look that would look fortifying till the springtime:

ImageSuperior neutral colors:
Who said your home will only be cozy and comfortable with warm and vibrant colors in winter? You can even create a cozy atmosphere with neutral and cool colors. Think of transforming your home into an icy land or a cool ocean and welcome the coolest season.

Say with gray: Gray is the richest color this season. This classy blend of black and white gives a sensational sophisticated feel to your home. The all new refined charcoal gray cozy sofa sets is very appealing or even the smoky gray throw cushions on white sofa set gives a modern look. Team up any shade of gray with black or white accessories, this looks a perfect combo.


ImageCool silver: A glazy gray shade, silver is a high-class color which gives a royal effect. Silver window treatments, accessories, furnishings are quite ultra-modern. This cool color makes your room look visually spacious and combines well with black and white elements. This trio combination is just so magnetic.

Icy blue: Want to create an icy wonderland? Then incorporate the fresh light shade of blue in combination with white. This neutral color brings the natural winter weather inside your home. Without getting freezed outside, you can enjoy the cool weather inside your home. You can paint the walls with light blue shades and accompany it with cream or white furnishings.


ImageSnow white: White is the color of all seasons. You can have a snowy setting by bringing in shades of white. To bring in some warmth you can blend white with golden or brown accessories. A fiery fireplace also complements the neutral white.

Olive green: Green is definitely the color of Christmas but instead of the traditional green you can go for olive green that looks dramatic and soothing. Combine this color with dark shades like berry or aubergine.

Rich and warm hues:
Nothing makes your home vibrant and snug more than warm color shades. If you want your home to be warm and welcoming, then go for some exclusive warm shades which would bump up the setting of your home.

Golden retreat: Make this festive season more attractive with the rich golden shades. The ultra-luxury color instantly gives an elegant appeal. Metallic gold slipcovers, golden accents shimmery gold accent wall gives a classic statement to your interiors.

Juicy berry: The rich hues of berry look stylish and warm. Foraged berries or dark cranberry color combine with any light shade looks stunning. This dark accent wall with white sofa is eye-popping and of course contemporary.

Red hot: What can be more stimulating and vivacious than a hot and spicy red? Red is just the apt color of winter. From Santa’s outfit to your home interiors red can just spice-up the winter season. The sizzling color can be used for painting accent wall or you can opt for red sofa. Red and white combination will give a perfect Christmas candy effect.

Settle with Purple: Purple is the hottest color of this season. You can team up purple with red or orange and create an ultra-modern look. Soft eggplant shaded walls or vivacious purple pillow covers, candles or lamp shades makes bold statement.

So try out these new and unparalleled color options and add style quotient to your winter home decor.


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